Zama Starga

An Eye For Visually Impaired


Zama Starga is a Pushto Language word which means My Eye. It’s the most ingenious and helpful product for visually impaired people.

The product is about a smart stick with bunch of technologies installed on it which will work smart to give an eye to the blind. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning we will help them find paths, avoid objects and also in future will change video to sound to give them more ease. This is the best gift we can offer to blind peoples.

Our Services

We have made a smart cane which will help blind peoples to walk independently and identify the things in front of them. The cane will navigate them and detect objects and tell them about day/light and let them know if there is any liquid in front of them. Since this is economical and one can make use of it easily. We are offering two versions.


In version 1 we are offering a smart cane with sensors and navigation which will help the blind person to detect the objects in front of them and warn the person by sound and vibrations and also tell him/her about day/light and any liquid in front of them.


In version 2 we will add the feature of image processing. Which will notify the person about the names of objects around him/her like chair, apple, TV etc. and also tell him/her about currency whether its 100 Rupee or 500 etc.


Zama starga (smart cane) can Navigate Visually Impaired through google map and take commands through voice.A speaker in the cane gives voice instructions accordingly.

It can detect obstacle upto 2 foot in front and 3 foot upside. When deficiency occurs in Light it tells through vibrations and sound.A water sensor is installed in the smart cane wich can tells about any kind of liquid or slippery floor.

When the cane is lost visually impaired can simply press a portable button and the cane will responds through sound.It can be charged through a simple usb cable and can also be charged through Light as solar plates are there in the cane .

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